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Matt Bohn & Flyer join Radio DockDogs today for Episode 55! While Matt may live in Ohio, Flyer’s love of DockDogs and Matt’s dedication has led him across the country to meet countless competitors and have a blast on the dock! Matt shares his story of how he got involved in DockDogs, it’s awfully similar … Read more

Radio DockDogs Episode 54 rolls in with a recording from DockDogs Worldwide Headquarters featuring an interview with Grant Reeves, CEO of DockDogs! Wow, we certainly hope you’re ready for a jam packed episode today as Grant and Jim share exciting breaking news, review the Caring Chain fundraiser put on by The B.A.A.R.K. Foundation, provide an … Read more

Radio DockDogs Episode 53 rolls in with a ton of fun with two fun and passionate ladies leading Tidewater DockDogs in Virginia to High Flying Heights! Jim Zelasko has a chance to speak with Ashley Rogers, President of Tidewater DockDogs and Rules Committee Member and their new Vice President Gwen Mowery!   The two handlers … Read more

We are excited that the 2014 DockDogs® season is underway.  The B.A.A.R.K. Foundation has spent the past few months brainstorming fundraising ideas to introduce & implement this year!  Since the 2nd DockDogs® Regional Championship competition of the year is quickly approaching, we wanted to get the ball rolling with our first fundraiser of the season. Since the B.A.A.R.K. … Read more

DUBLIN DOG TO UNLEASH MORE ADVENTURE WITH THE HIGH FLYING ACTION OF DockDogs® FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Brian J. King Email: Medina, OH – DockDogs®, the world leader in Canine Aquatics competitions and events, is pleased to announce that Dublin Dog will sponsor one of its premier DockDogs® programs.  The newly branded Dublin Dog DockDogs® … Read more

Radio DockDogs Episode 52 rolls in off the Rocky Mountains featuring an interview with Heather Ratynski, President of Rocky Mountain DockDogs, DockDogs Northwest Regional Zone Representative, Rules Committee Member and long term competitor! Heather has an excellent story about how she became involved in DockDogs, attending her first event prior to even having her dog … Read more

Radio DockDogs Episode 51 rolls in and this episode is full of EXCITEMENT! We know, each and every episode of Radio DockDogs is incredibly exciting; however, this episode features MR EXCITEMENT himself, Jay Harris. Jay is the President of Carolina DockDogs, Founding Member, and the man behind a whole lot of excitement for the crowds … Read more

FINE DESIGNS IMPRINTED SPORTSWEAR NAMED OFFICIAL APPAREL MERCHANDISER FOR DOCKDOGS, INC Fine Designs Will Offer On-Site, Customized Event Apparel and Online Store FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Medina, OH -  DockDogs Worldwide, Inc. (DockDogs®) announced today that Fine Designs Imprinted Apparel, Inc. is the “Official Apparel Merchandiser for DockDogs®”.  Fine Designs is partnering with the DockDogs® Worldwide … Read more

Radio DockDogs Episode 50 is here, and Jim has an interview with Partners Dog Training, DockDogs newest Sanctioned Facility in Arizona! Jim sits down with owner Leighton Oosthuisen to learn how he became involved with dogs, dog training, canine aquatics and of course DockDogs! Personally, one of my favourite aspects of DockDogs is the wide array … Read more

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 4 March, 2014 MEDINA, OH DockDogs® Worldwide is pleased to announce the Partners Dog Training will be joining the DockDogs® Sanctioned Facility Program. Partners Dog Training School is based in Cave Creek, Arizona, and will be the home of Arizona DockDogs, who will partner in operations and training. Owner Leighton Oosthuisen, says … Read more