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som|dog and Assembly Row have announced today that the Second Annual Pet-Palooza will be held Saturday, August 2 and Sunday, August 3. This year’s event will be hosted by som|dog and will make a splash at Assembly Row, literally. Somerville, at its newest neighborhood, is in store for a two-day, family focused festival to celebrate dogs of Somerville and surrounding cities. som|dog is an all volunteer organization dedicated to bringing canine education and training opportunities to the community, assisting local animal control and helping to maintain and expand city dog parks.

Thanks to the generous support from Assembly Row, Federal Realty and The City of Somerville, Pet-Palooza is free and open to the public and will include DockDogs® North Eastern Regional Championships, open swim for pups, BeantownDisc Dogs’ Cup Seri, agility demonstrations, canine fitness classes, “try-it” rings, and “Ask the Trainer” stations. Unique pet boutiques, gourmet treats, clothing and pets available for adoption just are a few of the fun features this festival will bring to the community.

“Assembly Row is the newest neighborhood in Somerville and is enjoying an entire season of grand opening fun as the stores and restaurants continue to open. Community events like Pet-Palooza bring so much excitement to the neighborhood, everyone on the Row is looking forward to greeting our four-legged friends and their families as they explore their new stomping ground,” said Andi Simpson, Director of Marketing, Federal Realty. “We started Pet-Palooza in 2013 with the sole purpose of bringing people together to celebrate our love of dogs in honor of our mascot, Rosie. Partnering with som|dog takes the event to an entirely new level, we’re psyched.”

Event goers will have the opportunity to taste exclusive samplings from Simpson Spring, a family owned bottling plant who will also keep canines and their companions hydrated by providing pure spring water and old-fashioned, hand-mixed sodas in a variety of favors.

“The outpouring of support that we’ve received from local businesses, dog groups and the City to put on this event is amazing,” says Brian Davis, president and board chair of som|dog. “It’s a part of our mission to bring the dog loving community together and provide them with free resources, support, and fun activities to help create a network of responsible dog owners. We take pride in our city and all of the dog-friendly opportunities provided to us.” som|dog will also be accepting donations for Somerville Animal Control throughout the weekend, both monetary and dry goods, including cat and dog food and towels.

Pet-Palooza, hosted by som|dog, will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, August 2 and Sunday, August 3 at Assembly Row and DCR’s Sylvester Baxter Riverfront Park, Great River Road, in Somerville, Mass. For a full list of events and Pet-Palooza’s itinerary visit, Or For questions of more information visit,, or call, 617-863-7229.

“In Somerville, we take pride in creating new, unique, and funky ideas and celebrations to include residents of all ages and from all backgrounds, and that includes our four-legged residents. We are excited to continue our partnership with som|dog and with Assembly Row to bring family-friendly fun back to Somerville’s waterfront.” Said Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone, City of Somerville.



Jennifer ZelaskoRadio DockDogs Episode 66 heads back home after 5 weeks on the road and it’s been a fun journey! We’re thinking Jim & Jennifer should just hitch their vehicle to the back of our dock! Tune in today as Jim Zelasko and his wife Jennifer co-host this weeks program to re-cap their journeys of the past few weeks of events.

Be sure to check out the DockDogs schedule for the newest list of upcoming events at for your next chance to get up on the dock! Paws up…


Bob DeWire DockDogs Speed Retrieve

Radio DockDogs Episode 65 rolls in with interviews from the Franklin County Fair in Hilliard, OH where two of our hard working event staff members make an appearance on the program!

We close the event up with two special guests including one special girl who claims they will take over the ownership of DockDogs from Grant someday! Can you guess who?


Post by dockdogs. Photos courtesy of Mike Salem, All Rights Reserved.

Video by Kerstin Horvath


Jim Zelasko of Radio DockDogs

Radio DockDogs Host Jim Zelasko

Radio DockDogs Episode 64 is here and has a surprise co-host/interview before Jim heads out to the South Eastern Regional Championships to hear about all of the fun and competition that took place in North Carolina!

Tune in today, while you listen in be sure to check some of the incredible photos out that Jim snapped while at the Regional Championships to accompany the show!


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The-Pet-Passport_20090740550Radio DockDogs crosses the border into Canada for Episode 63 at the Canadian Eastern Regional Championships that took place this past weekend! Be sure to tune in now to hear from a few handlers at the Championships as well as Mike Chiasson, CEO of DockDogs Canada.

While you listen in be sure to check out the amazing photos Jim Zelasko took while at the event as well!

Jim ZelaskoThat’s about all from us though, be sure to leave a comment on Facebook wishing your favorite Radio show host a Happy Belated Birthday as he celebrated his birthday this past weekend and thank him for all that he does! Thanks Jim!







Cindy Cowherd DockDogs Regional RepresentativeRadio DockDogs Episode 62 is finally here and we’d like to apologize for the delay in getting this weeks episode released. Unfortunately, due to network switch hardware failures during routine software upgrades at our web hosts data centre our servers were unstable rendering it nearly impossible to post and then release this weeks episode of Radio DockDogs. We’ve been working around the clock to restore stable access and believe we’re around 99.5% stable and can release the show! Thank you for your patience and for Jim Zelasko, our favorite radio program host, for working to release every episode on time as often as possible to us and thank you to you for tuning in!

We have an incredible weekend ahead in the world of DockDogs with 7 events throughout the United States & Canada including the DockDogs Canada Eastern Regional Championships in Toronto, ON and a phenomenal interview with Cindy Cowherd, the North Central Regional Representative and longstanding supporter of DockDogs and Chase Away K-9 Cancer that we cannot wait for you to hear!

That’s all from us though, let’s get on with the show! Thanks!

1601441_829566317055291_6615816883091194040_nRadio DockDogs Episode 61 comes in with the excitement from the Western winds of Vail, CO and Canine Cannonball! In this episode we’ll hear from two competitors that even if you’ve just started to compete these names likely ring a bell with their longevity or recent excitement surrounding these teams! First up we’ll hear from Tom Dropik, one of the most longstanding competitors in the history of DockDogs and godfather of Extreme Vertical™, as he shares his excitement on his drive home to cross country from Vail, CO at the GoPro Mountain Games to Minnessotta! Be sure to check out Tom & Remi as part of the GoPro Video of the Day Feature that was recorded at the Mountain Games this past weekend!

Next up we’ll hear from Tony Lampert about his High Flying achievement of securing the new Outdoor Extreme Vertical World Record with a score of 8’9″ with Griz, his Belgian Malinois at the Canine Cannonball this past weekend. Griz has quite a great story and has shown that the sky is certainly the limit as he inches higher and jumps further at each event!

That’s all from us for today as this is a jam packed episode that you certainly do not want to miss out on! Paws up DockDogs — we hope to see you out on the dock soon!

Zuke's Banner Image

10376303_10152447957427937_5933252377213906304_nHey there DockDog-gers and thank you for tuning into another episode of Radio DockDogs as we officially Leap Into Summer with our first episode of June! We’re incredibly excited to share this episode with you as we are announcing the winners of the Fuel Your Leap Into Summer Zuke’s contest, hear from Kim & John Vaillancourt about how they’ve gotten started in DockDogs together and a few other exciting clips!

Zuke's Powerbones

2nd Prize – Zuke’s Fuels DockDogs Fuel Your Leap Into Summer Contest

Thank you to everyone who showed us how Zuke’s will Fuel Their Leap into Summer with DockDogs by participating in the contest hosted on the DockDogs and Zuke’s Facebook pages! We received an exciting number of entries and votes with excited competitors showing off their eagerness for the summer sun to roll in and for it to be their time to get on the dock and into the pool!

Be sure to Follow DockDogs on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and check out Zuke’s pages as well as we will be releasing some of the other top entries using the hashtag #ZukesFuelsDockDogs over the summer! Okay, we know that you’re likely super excited to hear who won and we simply cannot take it any longer….


  • 1st Place – Barbara Smitz, winner of a DockDogs Big Air Wave!
  • 2nd Place – Todd Brayne, winner of a 3 pack of Zuke’s Power Bones that will surely provide the nutrition and energy that so many of our furry friends love!

Until next time DockDogs… Paws up!


Barbara Smitz

Barbara Smitz – 1st Place Winner, DockDogs Big Air Wave

Todd Brayne Zuke's Winner

Todd Brayne – 2nd Prize Winner of Zuke’s Power Bones

Zuke's Fuels DockDogs Leap Into SummerHey There Radio DockDogs Listeners – we’re back again and thanks for tuning in as Radio DockDogs Episode 60 rolls in for an exciting episode featuring interviews with Mike Chiasson of DockDogs Canada, a short hello with Russell and Jordan on their way out of the DockDogs headquarters with the new Dublin Dog trailer to Statesboro, GA for the weekend, an update on the Zuke’s Fuels DockDogs Leap Into Summer Facebook contest, and lastly an interview with Grant Reeves, CEO of DockDogs with an informative post!

  1. DockDogs®& Zuke’s Launch Partnership for 2014!
  2. DockDogs & Zuke’s Ready To Soar Together! Be sure to send us a photo of your pup in action as part of the DockDogs Leap Into Summer Photo Contest today!
  3. Check out the new Zuke’s DockDogs Dock at the Cabela’s Hoffman Estates event this weekend in Hoffman Estates, IL to Fuel Your Leap Into Summer!
  4. If you’re in the Georgia area be sure to stop into Statesboro, GA for a weekend of High Flying DockDogs fun on the Dublin Dog Dock!